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Building, Expanding and Renovating Laboratory Animal Facilities

2011-04-14 Posted By: Birgitta Reynolds
Treanor Life Sciences Jennifer Kulseth attended the 8th Annual TurnKey Conference in Baltimore, MD on building, expanding and renovating laboratory animal facilities. The Conference highlights this year included a Keynote Address by Ben Fontes, Biosafety Officer with Yale University and Former President of ABSA on the topic of “Evolution of Training for Containment Laboratory Personnel”, “Implementation of the 8th Edition of the ILAR Guide” by AAALAC International, and “Keeping Cool Through The Chaos of Change” by Dr. Marty, Martin Seidenfeld, Ph.D., ALN Magazine columnist featured regularly in the “Ask Dr. Marty” column, and “Net-Zero Animal Research Facilities: Science or Science Fiction” and “Vibration Issues in Biomedical Research Facilities” by the National Institute of Health.
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